Saturday, November 26, 2011

How to Build a Feeding Trough from a Barrel

barrel1These barrel feeders are easy to build, and often you can find old barrels for free that have a hole or crack in them that will still work for a feeder. You may have to hunt around a bit. Just be carefully that the used barrel is safe to use and can be cleaned up well. I will use any scrap lumber that I have around. I don’t use treated. The feeder will need repair from the calves jumping on it before it can rot. Do what you want- it’s your feeder.


You will need:

  • 2- 2x4 8 foot long
  • 1- 2x4 10 foot long (This will cut the two long supports and the two small horizontal leg pieces)
  • 1- 1x4 4 foot long
  • 2- hand fulls of nails or screws 3” long

If the barrel was used to house flammable or explosive liquid than you need to take proper precautions when cutting so it won’t blow up. Also you want to take precautions if the barrel had any toxic substance, you may need to research further on cutting barrel that had toxins or flammable liquids.



The first step is to split the plastic barrel in two. I use a circular saw with a regular 7 ¼” 24 tooth blade carbide tip wood blade.






Next build two set of legs make them as tall and wide as the barrel you are working with. The barrel I am working with is 22” wide and 34” tall. So the boards I will be using to make the legs are as follows:



To build two sets of legs

  • 4- Vertical 2x4 at 21” high
  • 2- Horizontal 2x4 at 22” long (top board)
  • 2- Horizontal 2x4 at 48” long  (bottom board)



Next fasten the barrel two the legs with a 1x4 board on the inside of the barrel to the legs about 20” to 21” long



To finish fasten support boards under the barrel. Set them touch the barrel bottom to support the weight of the feed once filled in the new barrel feeder.

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  1. very well explained and the pictures helped


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