Sunday, October 22, 2017

Why is my calf pooping blood

My bottle calf is pooping blood

Having a calf that is spotting blood or having blood in the stool or poop is common. Does not mean that you should not be concerned.

What is causing the bloody poop in the calf

It has damage in the lower intestines by either parasites or bacteria. Understanding which one is causing the problem is important to how you would want to treat the calf and repair the intestines.

Age of calf as a determining factor

Under calves under 250 pounds are less likely to have coccidia (parasites) the blood in the poop is caused by bacteria. 

In newborn to under three weeks old, it will be caused by bacteria infection damage.

Eight to nine months old the calf most likely has bloody discharge from coccidia. 

Treatment of bloody poop in calves 

For older calves with coccidia there is a product called Corid that is very effective in treatment.

For those calves under three weeks old a simple over the counter antibiotic will restore the intestines by killing the bacteria. 

For calves older than three weeks with bacteria infection especially with scours, I have found using antibiotics with scour treatment to be effective in treating the calves.

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