Tips on Raising Better Calves

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Four page PDF file that can be downloaded or printed for your records. It is a simple, easy to read outline on tips and guidelines I use for bottle feeding and raising a calf that can be referenced quickly. 

Simple short layout but leaves nothing out: Scours, Hair Loss, Calf Vaccines, Castrations, Starter Feeds, Creep Feed, Electrolytes, Antibiotics, Milk Replacers, Hay, Grass.

*Note* There may be a problem downloading the pdf, if so email after completing the Paypal transaction  at and I will reply with the file. Thanks, Jim 

-There are some good advice on caring for a calf in this web site, but always refer to your veterinarian for proper treatment of sick animals. Some home remedies work, but veterinarians know best, and can save you money and heartache with exact treatment For this sites Terms and Conditions click here.