Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Texas Rains Flooding Out the Cattle Market

  I drive down a mile and a half of washed out gravel road leading to the heart of my main cattle pasture thinking of what is all this rain going to do the cattle price. To be honest, the price of cattle is always on my mind as with most cattle ranchers. With this recent deluge of rain all of my land is too wet to across even on foot, I'm left no choice but not to veer off the pasture road. There will be no brush clearing, making hay, cattle working, or any of the normal ranch duties for a weeks to come and the land dries out.

 So some may say I'm bored, left with nothing to do but think about these cattle prices. I looked an article from Bloomberg "Texas Floods Will Bring Cheaper Beef" It was interesting (not really) basically said since now it has been raining ranchers going to be restocking cattle. After a few years, cattle herds will be built back up and more beef supply lower meat prices... blah blah blah.

  There are so many other factors to raising cattle. It almost makes as much sense as saying how great things are going to get after the election.

  These rains in Texas are divesting and will have a lasting effect in the Loan Star State. The Governor Greg Abbott has declared a state of emergency for 24 counties. CBS has done some great photos at: Floodwaters Overwhelm Texas. This flooding has taking lives and is in no means a joke nor anything to take lightly.

  With more flooding rains predicted to be on the way for the remainder of the week. I pray everyone stays safe. If the flooding has any real effect on cattle prices is unlikely but this is not the time to worry about that.

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