Thursday, June 2, 2016

Cow Adopts Calf After Losing Her's

I would like you to meet Texas and her new baby Poo 2. So I bet your wondering what happen to Poo 1. I will spare you the gory details about the coyotes getting it and ripping it apart, alive, at two weeks old.  I couldn't really give the play by play,  because I didn't see it first hand. Only found the aftermath.

So now I'm betting, you would like to know how there is a Poo 2. Well her story is not all that interesting, simply put her moma was too old. If I would have let her try to care for little Poo 2, she would have died trying.

So just like on Farmers Only, we got a match... Texas and Poo 2. It takes a little more work than a online dating profile or just putting them in a small pen to let nature do it's thing.  You must help the bond along. 

Like a redneck shotgun wedding, it takes some effort. I let Poo 2 have a day away from her moma but before bed I gave her pint of milk replacer from a bottle.  The next morning fed Texas in the chute area some tasty grain product. While she got her smack on, I gave Poo 2 a cup of milk replacer from a bottle. Then showed her Texas' milky factory or we in the buzz like to say "her bag. "

Ding ding, we have a match. Poo 2 grabbed hold of an utter nursed it down and went to the next.  I love happy endings. 

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