Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Body temperature of a calf

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"I've got a 5 week old bottle calf that has been strong, hungry and good. Tonight I checked her temperature and it read 104.5 (this morning it was 101.5) Her breathing is just a little labored and she coughs once in a while. Her temp has fluctuated a bit in the past couple weeks but never quite this high. She is bright eyed, her appetite is still good, manure is solid, she is on two feedings of milk replacer a day and I gave her a bottle of electrolytes tonight. We gave her two Sulfa boluses and 1 cc of banamine, plus some Probios. Do you have any other suggestions for me? I've lost several calves and would like to do WHATEVER I can to save this one. I read so many different things about the right medication and what to do... can anyone help me here?"

Best response

"I always use Draxxin one shot and things usually clear right up. I would wait a couple of days to see if the sulfur pills do the job but if things start going down hill go ahead and try something different. Holstein calves can go down hill fast with pneumonia. La 200 is another good antibiotic which will stay in the calf's system for 72 hours. Keep giving probios to restore the good bacteria from the antibiotics your using."

Normal range of body temperature of a calf is 101 to 102.5

For more information about the variation of body temperature of a calf you can use the following link: Calf Notes Body Temperature of a Calf 


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