Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stop Motion Animation of a Nursing Baby Calf

I had cow with her calf penned off separate from the rest to herd. The calf had gotten injured a few weeks back and I was keeping it and his mother by themselves until the baby calf was able to keep up with the cow in the pasture.

The cow is super tame and doesn’t mind at all if you walk beside or touch the calf. So I had the opportunity to film the two together and get right next to the action. It was the perfect time to try out stop motion animation for a video.

Stop motion animation is were you take a whole bunch of photos and then play them back super fast to add movement. It is the same way the old Gumby claymation was done. The difference is they keep the camera still and moved the clay figures around. I kept moving the camera for different angles and took pictures as fast as I could.  My subject matter was moving. I was just trying to keep up.

This little video is about 30 seconds long and it took 85 photos to produce. I never adjusted the zoom on the camera. It was on the widest setting. The effect of me getting closer with the camera and backing up is what makes to appear that it zooms in and out. 

My digital camera was set for a bust of photos, but I was still clicking and shooting as fast as possible. The camera would process the photos and the view screen would be black. I never really knew for sure what pictures I was taking. The final outcome was a complete surprise.

Video using stop motion of nursing baby calf taken the first of May 2012

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  1. Adorable! You did a great job with your digital camera to make a great outcome. And, Thank YOU my dear friend for posting a review on my children's book The Rain Snake. You are such a good person to people and animals.


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