Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bottle Feeding Calves Information

Veterinarians are the best place to find advise about bottle feeding baby calves, but in many areas they are not available. Even in areas that have reliable veterinarian service, the vet is not always available to check on bottle calves. So that is why I started this website devoted to caring for bottle feeding baby calves.
I am a fourth generation farmer and cattle rancher. When I was just a young boy growing up on my father dairy farm my main job was to care for the bottle feeding calves. As I grew up, the dairy farm change to  cattle ranching reducing the need of bottle feeding the cows do that job now.

But sometimes the cow can not take care of the calf and that's when bottle feeding the calf becomes necessary. As i took over the ranch form my father I notice we always had a few of these bottle feeding baby calves around. One or two would always be on the bottle do to the lack of the moma cow being able to care for the calf. Since I figured it was just as easy to care and feed ten bottle baby calves it was to feed one, I started purchasing more calves from the auction and dairies to bottle feed along with the orphan calves I had.

Things had changed the milk replacers, and calf starter feeds where the same as the use to be and I started running into all kind of problems. Sick calves with scours and those calves to weak to stand to all kind of respiratory illness and bacteria infections.

I turned to the internet to help answer many of the questions about caring for   and discovered it was almost impossible to find the information I needed to properly care for bottle feeding orphan and dairy calves. I decided to create my own information site for owners of bottle calves to learn form each other. That was five years ago and I am still keeping the site going. With the main purpose of the website being to learn and share about bottle feeding baby calves.

It is free to join the membership of this group of people feeding bottle calves to learn more about caring for these animals. Chick on the membership block below to get the free newsletter or the Facebook tag to join our Facebook Bottle Feeding Baby Calves Group.

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  1. I have an orphaned calf, she was with her mother for about 9 hrs. I'm not sure of how much she drank from her but I cannot get her to drink from the bucket bottle. I've had her for about 12 hrs and only once showed any interest in drinking on her own. how long should I continue trying to feed her before I use the bag? I really don't like doing that..
    I don't have any of the accounts listed below. My email is rhndkeller3@aol.com Thx


-There are some good advice on caring for a calf in this web site, but always refer to your veterinarian for proper treatment of sick animals. Some home remedies work, but veterinarians know best, and can save you money and heartache with exact treatment For this sites Terms and Conditions click here.