Bottle Calf Care 101


1 day to 2 Months Old 

  • Milk Replacer- Two quarts twice a day morning and evening. Some calves require a few pints more and some require less, but 85% of new born calves require this amount. 
  • Calf Starter-  Grain designed to for new born calves up to 2 months old. They are formulated to work with milk replacers to supply the proper vitamins and minerals needed to get a calf off to a good start. 
  • Water-  Is bested to fed free choice by a trough 
  • Hay- Free choice.  

2 Months Old to 3 Months Old 
  • Milk Replacer- If the calf is under 80 lbs it still needs milk but if heaver than that it can be weaned from milk completely or reduced to one bottle feeding.
  • Grain Feed- Solid feeds should be transitioned to a less expensive grain feed like creep or beef builder.
  • Mineral- Mineral and/or Salt licks should be supplied free choice.
  • Water
  • Hay- If grass is not available 

3 Months to 10 Months Old 
  • Grass or hay (if grass is unavailable) should be the main bulk of the calves diet. 
  • Mineral or Salts should still be suppled
  • Grain- Feeds should by supplemented daily to continue added growth
  • Water

*Note if calves are only to be grass fed only there are supplement protein feeds like sea kelp to promote the lack of protein. They are hard to find. 


The first two months housing is required to protect the calf form the elements. Shade from the heat of the summer and wind block to the winter. Extra bedding hay or straw to need to supply warmth in the winter. They can be kept in a barn but it needs to be well ventilated. Housing needs to be kept clean daily.  

As the calf gets older less housing is required but it is recommend to have shade and wind block at any age.

During times of nice weather calves should be outside as much as possible.

-There are some good advice on caring for a calf in this web site, but always refer to your veterinarian for proper treatment of sick animals. Some home remedies work, but veterinarians know best, and can save you money and heartache with exact treatment For this sites Terms and Conditions click here.